2014 Augusta GreenJackets Opening Day Roster


  • RHP Carlos Alvarado
  • RHP Ray Black
  • RHP Luis Castillo
  • LHP Carlos Diaz
  • RHP Chase Johnson
  • LHP Christian Jones
  • RHP Keury Mella
  • LHP Steven Messner
  • RHP Raymundo Montero
  • RHP Tyler Rogers
  • RHP Dan Slania
  • RHP Jake Smith
  • LHP DJ Snelten
  • RHP Nick Vander Tuig
  • LHP Luis Ysla

Position Players

  • C Gabriel Cornier
  • C Ty Ross
  • C Eric Sim
  • IF Christian Arroyo
  • IF Brandon Bednar
  • IF Matt Chavez
  • IF Ryder Jones
  • IF Leo Rojas
  • IF Ryan Tuntland
  • OF Tyler Horan
  • OF Randy Ortiz
  • OF Christian Paulino
  • OF Shawn Payne
  • OF Rafael Rodriguez

Just for kicks, here's what I predicted in February: Starting Rotation PredictionPosition Player PredictionBullpen Prediction.

Some surprises that jump to my attention are the absence of pitchers Pat Young and Andrew Leenhouts. Young made the San Jose roster, while Leenhouts will begin the season in extended spring training. The absence of these two pitchers should open the door for Nick Vander Tuig and DJ Snelten to pitch in the starting rotation, alongside Chase Johnson, Keury Mella, and Luis Ysla.

Leo Rojas, who shined offensively in Salem-Keizer after returning from a 50-game PED suspension, played third base frequently in minor league camp, so despite his catcher role up until this point, it seems as if he'll be pulling a Pablo Sandoval and moving to the hot corner to get his proficient bat in the lineup.

The combination of Ray Black, Dan Slania, and Raymundo Montero, who displayed an explosive changeup in spring training, will make for one potent back end of the bullpen. Submariner Tyler Rogers will fill the righty-specialist duties, while southpaws Christian Jones and Steve Messner should be solid against lefties.

Everyday lineup guys should consist of: Ty Ross, Ryan Tuntland, Brandon Bednar, Christian Arroyo, Ryder Jones, Leo Rojas, Tyler Horan, Randy Ortiz, and Rafael Rodriguez.

Below are as many videos as I have, or could find, of the players.