(Conner Penfold / Giant Potential)

(Conner Penfold / Giant Potential)

2014 San Jose Giants Opening Day Roster


  • RHP Martin Agosta
  • RHP Joe Biagini
  • LHP Ryan Bradley
  • RHP Jorge Bucardo
  • RHP Kendry Flores
  • RHP Ian Gardeck
  • RHP Joan Gregorio
  • RHP Stephen Johnson
  • LHP Mason McVay
  • RHP Tyler Mizenko
  • LHP Steven Okert
  • RHP Jeff Soptic
  • RHP Chris Stratton
  • RHP Pat Young

Position Players

  • C Trevor Brown
  • C Jesus Navarro
  • C Ben Turner
  • IF Mitch Delfino
  • IF Blake Miller
  • IF Rando Moreno
  • IF Brian Ragira
  • IF Alberto Robles
  • IF Ydwin Villegas
  • DH Mac Williamson
  • OF Elliott Blair
  • OF Jesus Galindo
  • OF Charles Jones
  • OF Chris Lofton

Just for kicks, here's what I predicted in February: Starting Rotation PredictionPosition Player PredictionBullpen Prediction.

San Jose's 2013 squad will be tough to replace. The "Dog Pound" bullpen was referred to by many as a "major league caliber" group, their starting rotation featured five Top-20 prospects, and the starting lineup was led by power hitters Mac Williamson and Devin Harris, who combined to club 48 home runs and drive in 173 runs. 

Heading over from Augusta into the starting rotation will be Martin Agosta, Chris Stratton, Kendry Flores, and Joan Gregorio. Pat Young, who was phenomenal in just eight games with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes in 2013, and Joe Biagini will compete for the final spot in the rotation, should San Jose decide to go five guys. However, based on last season's frequent six-man rotation, I wouldn't be surprised to see six. In that case, those are your six starters. 

Look for Stephen Johnson and Tyler Mizenko to share closing duties, much like they did in 2013 as members of the Augusta GreenJackets. Johnson should dazzle with his fastbll/frisbee slider combination, paired with a unique delivery. Steven Okert and Mason McVay will be crucial left-handed arms in the bullpen. 

A couple major surprises in the position players with Elliott Blair and Chris Lofton repeating at the High-A level, though I wouldn't be shocked to see them in Richmond by season's end. Mac Williamson should be the biggest surprise to everyone's eye, but don't worry too much about it. Clearly, he had a season worthy of promotion, but a likely injury is keeping him in San Jose where he'll strictly DH to begin the season. Note: pitchers hit about half the time in the Eastern League, thus why he couldn't go to Richmond and DH every day. Blake Miller is another shocker to see make the San Jose roster. Drafted in 2013, Miller played mixed between AZL and Salem-Keizer after draft day, and must've made some serious impressions on coaches as he will skip Augusta. 

Here's how I see the opening day lineup looking: C Ben Turner, 1B Brian Ragira, 2B Trevor Brown, SS Rando Moreno, 3B Mitch Delfino, DH Mac Williamson, LF Chuckie Jones, CF Jesus Galindo, RF Elliott Blair.

Below are as many videos as I have, or could find, of the players.